How to Begin Picking Up Stitches

January 23, 2008 at 8:53 am Leave a comment

Hi SweaterBabe,

I have just finished he main body of a baby cardigan and now have to pick up the stitches to make a border. I understand how to pick the stitches up but how do I start? How do I join on the wool in the first place? Thanks for any help.

— Caroley

Dear Caroley,

To begin picking up stitches, there are 2 ways I can suggest.

You can make a slip knot with the yarn from your ball.  Then, use your knitting needle to pick up the first stitch by pulling the slip knot loop through the fabric.  This is then your first picked up stitch.

OR, you can skip the slip knot.  Just insert your knitting needle where you with the pick up the first stitch, wrap your yarn around the needle tip (as if you were knitting), and pull it through.  You are almost just hanging the yarn from the needle tip and holding it tight enough so the needle tip can get it through your fabric.

With this second method, the yarn will be loose (not anchored in any way).  Just keep picking up stitches and the tail that is left behind where you started is just another loose end that needs to be secured and woven in during the finishing step of the sweater.

Hope that explains it well enough!

Happy knitting.



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