What is the difference between a yo and a ywf (yfwd)?

December 4, 2007 at 1:16 pm Leave a comment

Hi SweaterBabe,

I know that you are based in the USA, but can to tell me why is it that the yo in your country is so different to saying ywf? What is the difference?  Can you explain, please?

— jean

Dear Jean,

I believe you ywf is the same here as yfwd or yarn forward.  By bringing the yarn forward and then knitting the next stitch, you create a yo (yarn over) on your right-hand needle that will be treated as a stitch on your next row (and create an eyelet for lace, generally).

If you need to create a yo right before purling a stitch, doing a yarn forward will not do it. The yarn needs to be forward (in front) in order to create the purl stitch.  IN THIS CASE, you would actually bring your yarn BACK (behind your work), then purl the next stitch and thereby create your yo (and your purled stitch).  

Because of this purl situation, yo is a more universal term that works when you need to follow your yo with a purl or a knit stitch.  The yarn forward instruction only works if the yarn forward is to be followed immediately with a knit stitch.

Hope that helps explain the difference!




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