Skipping a ch-3?

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Dear SweaterBabe,


What does this mean?

Ch 3 (counts as first dc), work 2 dc in top of first 2-dc cluster, skip ch-3, sc in ea of next 3 sc, skip ch-3,

This is a row I am working on row 4.  I am stuck on this row if you can help me out?  

Thanks, Ms Toni

Dear Ms. Toni,

Let me try to explain…

This crochet instruction line is asking you to work 2 double crochets on top of the first 2-dc cluster that you come across as you are working your row from right to left (assuming you are a right-handed crocheter). 

Then, it is saying that as you look along the previous row (Row 3), continuing from right to left, you will come across a “ch-3” that you had worked from Row 3.  Skip it, meaning don’t work any crochet stitches into it, and then work on the next part: “sc in ea of next 3 sc”.  Then, it is saying to “skip ch-3” again, which means that there must be another ch-3 that you had worked on Row 3 that you can skip over.

Basically, when reading crochet instructions, follow it verbatim.  When it says to skip something, just skip it by NOT working any crochet stitches into whatever you are to skip.  You will see this kind of instruction in all sorts of crochet stitch patterns that have open areas, i.e. lacy crochet patterns.

Once you get used to this sort of crochet instruction, it will be easy!  Hope that helps!!!


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