Converting yards to ounces?

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Dear SweaterBabe,

How do you convert yards to ounces?

Dear Knitter/Crocheter,

You can only convert yards (a measure of the length of yarn) to ounces (a measure of the yarn’s weight) if you know how many yards there are per ounce or gram of the yarn. 

This kind of information can be given on the yarn’s ball band/label or you may be able to easily find it online if you know the name of the yarn.  Do a search and either the yarn company that makes the yarn or an online yarn store will have that information available.

Otherwise, it’s a bit of a guess.  Why?  Because yarn weight and length can vary a lot based on what the yarn is made of and it’s thickness.  For example, a featherlight mohair that is sold in super fine or fingering weight, like Rowan’s Kidsilk Haze is sold as .875 oz/25g ball has a length of 227 yds/208m; whereas a bulky 100% wool yarn, like Brown Sheep Burly Spun, is a hefty 8 oz./229g hank, which has only a length of 132 yds/121m.

If you can’t find the yarn label or don’t know what the yarn is, I would suggest going to your nearest yarn shop, finding a similar yarn and seeing what it’s yarn label says for it’s weight to yardage ratio.  Then, you can use this ratio to give you an approximation for your yarn.

Hope that helps!


P.S. Here are some math conversions that are helpful:

[Number of inches] x 2.54 = Number of cm

[Number of cm] x .394 = Number of inches

[Number of feet] x .3048 = Number of meters

[Number of yards] x .9144 = Number of meters

[Number of meters] x 1.0936 = Number of yards

[Number of grams] x .035 = Number of ounces

[Number of ounces] x 28.57 = Number of grams

For example, if you have a 50g ball of yarn, it is a 50 x .035 = 1.75g ball of yarn.

Happy knitting and crocheting! 


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